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***Sequence of blooms and for how long in zone 5a LIST Part1

17 years ago

I was reading a book and the author included a helpful list of what

worked in her garden and how long it bloomed. I used that as a

reference in my plant choices. I mean, who wants a plant that hogs a lot of space and blooms for a week??

This year I decided to keep a record

or my own garden and share it.

I will be sending this info in several different posts as time allows.

If you'd like to keep track of this in your garden and share it ...might give me some ideas of other things to try.

ok here goes...I'm going to be doing this is small parts during breaks at work.

You might want to do a cut and paste of them and print them if you want all the PARTS

Starting with the first things to bloom and going to the last one.

for my zone 5a garden. (A) = annual P = perennial B = biennial


BRUNIFOLIA - draba, (P) groundcover, 1-2" tall, bloooms yellow-

mar16-approx 3 weeks. full sun, slow grower

SCILLA SIBERICA - siberian squill, bulb, 2" tall, blooms blue-

April 1 for 1-2 weeks, can be sown in lawn and mowed later. full sun

IRIS RETICULATA - dwarf, (P) 3-5" purple blooms, April 12 for 3

weeks . full sun

'VON SION" heirloom daffoldil-, bulb 10" yellow April 13- for 10

days. full sun

RED BUD TREE, 4 ft tall now, pink april 13 for 23 days .full sun

CROCUS bulb yellow 2 " tall. a few days full sun

FORGET ME NOT- 5" tall, (P)? true blue, April 13- and still blooming

on July 1! Part sun


blooms second year from seed. April 16 for 35 days. full sun

GRAPE HYACINTH - bulb, blue, 4" tall, full sun or part sun, nasty

grassy foliage. April 16 for 25 days

DWARF IRIS- unnamed purple and white - 10 " tall, April 20 for 30

days full sun

CAMASSIA- bulb with lovely purple flowers - 18" sun- april 23 for

20 days

Next email will start flowers for May


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