Northern Catalpa?


I'm trying to figure out what this tree is in my neighbors yard. It has huge leaves and looks pretty tropical for being in central NY. The picture(s) shows a branch that got broken off with a quarter next to it to show you the size. I think it may be some type of Catalpa Tree

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I'm not 100% sure but it looks like Firmiana simplex, that leaf on the other side of the stem looks right but the front one is oval shaped. Also called Chinese Parasol or Varnish Tree. There is one growing up the street which has a green trunk and stems. Its kind of different due to the green trunk but it can be a noxious invasive, its non-native.

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wisconsitom(Zone 4/5)

Slice, that leaf looks right for northern catalpa. Are there any of last year's seed pods still present on the tree? These resemble long, thin bean pods, albeit, they'd be brown now, not green.


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