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Please help identify the problem(s) with these hostas?

12 years ago

Hello everybody!

Sorry I have not been here posting in a while. I have had some sickness in the family that has taken up a lot of my time. But I hope to have some more time now to participate here more often!

Well, I took some pics of some hostas here that are not at their best lately and was hoping someone could help diagnois their problem(s).

I am hoping it is just slug damage, but just want to make sure it is not something worse like nematodes or something, although I do not think so. Some of the more damaged ones I even wonder if it is an animal chomping.

To start off, I have no deer or anthing like that here. I also do not have voles at all. All damage seems to be tops only. They are also in containers in the ground. I do have chipmunks, but I do not even know if they eat hosta.

This year, I have also had a lot of extra sun on this bed for the first time. This past winter, some of the neighbor's trees had gone down during the horrible blizzards we had. They used to provide some nice medium shade to this specific bed. However, now with them gone this year, the hostas are experiencing more sun than ever before and I am getting a lot of bleached out hosta leaves. I may even have to take apart this whole bed to relocate because the morning sun is too strong now.

So, I know that they have been more stressed than usual because of this. But the sun has nothing to do with holes in their leaves.

Some hostas just have a few holes in them that are not tiny, but rather large, making me think it's slugs. However, a handful of my smaller hostas have lost many or all of their leaves. They are not dead, and they are slowly regrowing their leaves back. But I am not sure if slugs can gobble like that.

Here is my Deja Blu

Powder Blue

Some other "hole" pics

4 of my smaller hostas that have been really eaten and are slowly coming back. You can see the sun burn on the old leaves of Paradise Island. From top right clockwise~


I also have a large Mostly Ghostly (not pictured)that lost just about all of its leaves too, but is starting to come back now. Seemed to lose leaves as they were coming up, but while the leaves were still in their tender, solid white "ghostly" stage. Now they are coming up on the green side because it is later in the summer and seems to be doing fine.

Again, thanks for your help! Christy

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