need replacement for honeysuckle shrubs


Thank you for tuning into this question! I hope some of you native experts out there can offer advice.

I've been taking out the invasive Japanese honeysuckle shrubs between my home and a busy road. I'd like to continue the work, but the reduced privacy and traffic noise is pretty discouraging. If anyone knows, please tell me what shrubs and/or small trees might be good replacements:

---partial to full shade, under upper-story deciduous trees

---semi-moist lowland area by creek (thick euonymus ground cover)

---dense foliage needed for sound muffling and privacy

---fast growing!!!

I've been thinking about Blackhaw, Serviceberry, Rough-Leafed Dogwood and Spicebush, but don't know which would best fit the conditions and, importantly, grow FAST!

Thank you for any help you can give me!

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Iris GW

I think the shrub dogwoods (rough-leaved being one of them) would probably grow the fastest in a semi-moist lowland.

If you were to go to a natural area that is similar (like a state park), what might you find there? I try to take my clues from those places (if possible).

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