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New Hosta Bed--*lasagna *questions!

16 years ago

I posted a similar thread on the *Conversations* side but I think there aren't too many who post regularly

on this side who also check in over there!

I have a very large area, out front, now to fill! I want to make it more formal, per se, than the back.

I am by nature, not formal, but I don't like to see people clutter their front yards with too many different things

going on.

In preparing this area, I have put some newsprint down, 8-10 layers worth over much of that reclaimed area where lawn previously existed. I didn't get it all covered before the guys digging out for our new front porch and sidewalks began dumping the dirt/clay and some sod on top!

I am now concerned that grass will work it's way back up in time. So, I am thinking, to cover the leveled areas with the newsprint before filling in with mulch.

I've decided to go with the free mulch from the county. I WILL go and LOOK FIRST, Ken!:O) I also hope to have some horse poo to dress it up with, but I can't guarantee that I will be plunging my bare hands into it, ken, no matter how it smells or doesn't! :o)

So, does anyone have any ideas about what I should do beyond what I've determined to do so far in getting this bed ready to plant?

I do have it in mind, to plant several hosta from ones I already have, such as 'August Moon', Fortunei Hyacynthia'. 'S&S's, 'Francee' and perhaps my new 'Stoplight' along with several 'Roseglow' Barberry bushes, some 'Blue Rug' Junipers and a male and female Holly along with the original really *whacked-back* spreading Juniper shrubs that are 40+ years old and now look very much like 'Dr. Seuss' trees, or maybe 'Bonsai's' if you're being really *kind* in your evaluation of what I've done to them!:o/

I have a 'Louisa Crabapple' on one end and a mid-summer blooming type Hydrangea 'Pee Gee' tree at the other end with a volunteer 'Redbud' very near that one! The ever-lovin' Junipers are spread across between the two circular ends.

The shape of this bed, in landscape block, starts out with a half-circle jutting out, curving in toward the center and then the same half-circle out on the opposite end!

Any other plant ideas, as well---I know, we have to keep it 'Hosta', but maybe we can call them *companion* plantings to be safe! :O)

Sorry that this is so long, but this is a big deal and a heck of a lot of work for a gal like me! I had to spread out the large hump of remaining dirt that they eventually wound up piling up at the back of the bed, up next to the house! Whew--and the trimming out of those Junipers was a big deal, too.

I'm on my own in any such projects this summer, due to my husband having a very bad back situation, probably looking at surgery this Fall! I've always been a *hands on* gal in anything we've ever done around here, and the experience and determination is paying off, even now, when I have no other options! I CAN do it, (Lord willing) and with my shoulder situation--I am very surprised and very thankful, indeed!!!

One more thing--I have to give a *plug* for a wonderful tool for the ladies! It's called the Black & Decker Alligator Lopper 4.5 Amp Electric Chain Saw #LP1000. It's a chain saw, much smaller than the usual but it is housed in a pliers or vice grip type deal, where the chain is protected on all sides while operating. It can cut up to 4" in diameter and weighs about 6 lbs. Don't get it at Lowe's or H. D. as theirs is only "on sale" for $99.00, whereas, I got mine from for $65.54, and free shipping! What a deal and what a handy dandy thing that is!!!!

Okay, back to hosta--I chose the ones I did, because I don't want to put anything in too tempting for someone to want to dig up!

Any other better thoughts or ideas on planting choices, etc.?

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