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Venting a bit to kick myself into motion

17 years ago

Last year when I was moving my husbands stepdaughter asked if she could rent our old house. Was his ex's kid from another marriage but he had essentially been the girls father for most of her childhood. She agreed to pay rent and told me not to worry about the plants I could move them as I had time and cleared land.

Money stopped coming and I've been fighting for many months.

Finally got the kids out of my house. Had to go through formal eviction motions. At least I didn't have to have the sheriff drag them out. Didn't want to go there with a small kid involved.

My gardens are completely ruined. I had moved a lot of stuff but I had left a lot behind because it's mostly daylilies and iris and they can stand a lot of neglect. Was moving a few at a time at my leisure as I cleared land at the farm.

The kids had 3 dogs. Holes started appearing everywhere. Aside from wigging out about not getting any money from them I was warning them constantly to put the dogs out back. Ignored totally. I was getting so pissed that I stopped moving plants for a bit. Was just trying to get them to hand over money or get out. Must have been one of the final fits that they actually pulled several plastic bread flats of iris rhizomes and left them laying on the porch. No idea if that was an attempt to save them from a plant eating dog or what. Found them shriveled with barely any life yesterday.

My big daylily bed was destroyed. They made a bonfire on it at one point. Dog holes all over. It also appears that they had mowed over them several times. Fence had been removed and junk cars parked on top. I dug tiny little fans out yesterday for a couple of hours. Little fans peaking out of sod. When the shovel would come up I'd find a huge clump of rotted roots with just a tiny bit of life clinging someplace. Soil compaction and plain old abuse I guess. These plants would have withstood not being weeded for a year or two without missing a heartbeat. Every time I said something I'd either get a blank look or they are just bulbs.

Inside the house...I had a Berber wall to wall carpet in the living room that ran upstairs to the bedrooms. Ripped up and some cheap blue stuff put in place. Some industrial strength stuff glued to flooring in my mother in laws old room. They cut 2 feet off my kitchen counter and cabinets.??? Why? left the unfinishd cut cabinet and just nailed a piece of wood across the place where the counter top was. These were custom built cabinets. Made totally from scratch by a very talented carpenter. The bathroom fixtures, all white are orange with rust. Looks like they were never cleaned. I scrubbed with CLR until my hands burned yesterday. Barely made a dent in it. The toilets were literally black.

My cold frame is totally gone. So are the winter hardy cactus that lived in there. There is a dead snowmobile parked on top of a patch of old iris.

The beds around the pond are trampled to bare mud and there is a whiskey bottle floating in the water. Canoe parked on the shore and the waterlilies are gone. This is a like a 40' by 25' pond. Not a boat pond.

They owe over $5000 in back rent. The electric bill was supposed to have been put in their name but somehow never was, that's over $370 dollars. I'm afraid I'm going to have to have the sheriff hunt them down. Just too big a hit. Never see it I know but at this point revenge is sweet.

The plants make me just sick. The irises will probably never survive. Maybe the daylilies will. I planted most of them right off. Only out of the ground for an hour or two. It's just so darn late here. The fact we haven't had a frost is sort of a miracle.

My magnolia tree covered in bite marks... Think I dare move it now? Don't remember the real name, it's the only one hardy up here. Big white flowers with a bit of a burgundy base to it. Was a mothers day present a couple of years ago. Still small enough where I could get it in the truck with a little help.

Soon as my kid gets off the school I'm going to plant the rest of the daylilies I have in a bucket. Then go work on the rust stains. Attempt to salvage more plants.

Came close to barfing. Really disgusted. There was always some big song and dance and excuse.

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