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Lily never browned after flowering last year.. Please help!

13 years ago

Hi all, I would really appreciate help with my lilies as I've no experience at all and couldn't find on the forum what to do next with my lilies as, from what I understand, I've got a somewhat unique situation..

I bought and planted into a pot three big white lilies from bulb last spring. They grew really tall and bloomed beautifully. Then we cut them just under where the blooms had been and.. just left them in the pot indoors (in a warm spot with lots of light all year, even in winter). They never turned brown nor died, so we didn't do anything with them, just watered them once in a while with the other plants. (I hope that does not make me a complete lily barbarian..:(

But a friend told me recently they will not bloom this year if I don't do something and now I've noticed new tiny green bulbs forming and even growing roots, but not only around the base of the lilies, but also on the stalk (some of them quite high up!), a the base of some of the leaves..

What should I do? Should I just cut the green growth altogether, even if it's green and healthy? And then chill the bulbs? Or just put the whole pot somewhere could and dark so that it browns and dies first? Do I take the little bulbs off first and plant them too??... As you can see - I've no clue, but really want to give it a try.

Please help, thank you!

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