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Hydroponic Vegetable Garden

9 years ago

Hydroponic Vegetable Garden

I have built a gravity fed NFT system in Texas. Brief description. (5) 10'
4" PVC pipes between (2) 8' 4X4's. I buried a 55 gallon drum down with about 4" left out.

so I am running a big pump so I get a lot of flow. However most of the sprout roots do not touch the bottom of the pipe so I have used the 3 5/8"
cut outs to hold back the water at the basket so it gets wet allowing the Grodan cubes & Clay Pebbles to soak up some water.
I just did a nutrient mix on Friday with H&G A & B 165ml of each and 45 ml of the H&G Root Excelurator . I have Corn Broccoli, Cilantro, Dill, Bell Peppers, all sort of lettuce mixes too. Some other plants as well.

Just tested the water. Started with 55 gallons of Rain Water yesterday. Ph 6.3 (Rained almost 4" last night) PPM 478.

So my questions: 1: Am I doing harm not allowing the roots to work to find water, should I put the pump on a timer until the roots are more mature?
2: what should I use to bring the ppm up also can I just use my daughters 1600 ppm fish tank water to boost it a little.
3: After the rain i saw some of the lettuce leaves were almost transparent.... (BRUISED FROM WIND?)

I am about 95% done with my setup

This is my first post but not my last. Please let me know your thoughts.

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