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How can you tell which plant you have?

13 years ago

When I purchased my home late fall of 08' the house already had 4 hydranga's. There were 3 hydranga's in the back yard that got to about 3 1/2 feet tall with big round pinkish white blooms. The hydranga in the front yard stayed very small reaching 1 1/2 ft tall with blue flower. How do I figure out which type of hydranga I have so that I can figure out what sort of care they need like pruning? I would like to keep hydranga in front yard small like it is but would like more flowers- last year only put out one flower. I also like the big hydranga's in the back that had lots of flowers. If I prune these like the endless summer video showed, would this affect their height or is height based on type of hydranga? On the video, you only cut the stems once foliage started to grow. My hydranga's now are brown and still have the big flower attached to the stem.

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