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How many new plants have you aquired this year? Do you do this?

13 years ago

I have aquired over 20...

I have either purchased a few, recieved many as gifts,and have had many handed to me from people who could no longer care for theirs..I am nursing a few back to health for family and friends...One is a citrus tree that had turned healthy and greener within the first 5 days of recieving it from my sister..

I have saved a few from near death at stores, salvaged a few from the waste basket at stores, and was shipped one from a citrus company for free in appreciation..

Do you find yourself constantly aquiring more and more? Running out of room?

Do you still get some, even though you know you are about to run out of room, always trying to figure a way to provide more room in good light, like constructing more shelf space?

Are you an E-bayer, always looking for something new or something different?

Do you check out almost every plant section in stores?

Do you frequent nurseries just to see what is new?


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