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How do you know when you have too many plants??

18 years ago

So, I was digging through the garage today and found several Amorphs and Pseudodracontium breaking dormancy that I forgot I had.....does this mean I have too many plants?

So, I was looking at my Typhonium horsfeldii from afar and thought what is that $$#$% weed growing in the pot with the pretty orange flower.....turns out it was one of my Globba schomburkii that took up residence there.....does this mean I have too many plants??

So, my wife asked me to get the kids bikes down the other day from the hooks they hang on and it took me longer to move the pots of plants that have gone dormant than it did to get the bikes down.....does this mean I have too many plants???

My wife says YES :o) Dan

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