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update on my maples (pics) Have question too

17 years ago

OK, I took Ken's advice and took out 3 of the 4 Silver Maples. Here's the before & after pics.

There goes tree #2

Finished with the chainsaw. Time now for the chipper.

Below is a post by Don last Feb telling how to kill a tree.

Here's my question, excuse me if it's a dumb question, but I have to ask anyway..... I just had the hubby saw down 3 maple trees because their roots were intertwining with the hostas roots and choaking them to death...right? well, if I put Round Up on the tree stumps won't the Round Up find it's way to the hosta roots and kill them too?

Posted by don_r Z 5 (My Page) on Thu, Feb 1, 07 at 21:12

Essentially, Ken is right- apply Round-Up to the trunk of the tree. The key is to get enough Round-Up at a high enough concentration down to the roots to kill everything so there aren't any suckers sprouting up. You will read in the Round-Up instructions that it can be used for "Woody Brush and Trees." It says, "Apply this product when trees are actively growing and after full leaf expansion. Use the higher rate for stronger plants and/or denser areas of growth...Best results are obtained when application is made in late summer or fall after fruit formation." The Round-Up booklet also has a section titled "Cut Stump Treatments" which says, "Apply this product using suitable equipment to ensure coverage of the entire cambium...Apply a 50 to 100 percent solution of this product [Round-Up Original concentrate] to the freshly-cut surface immediately after cutting...For best results, applications should be made during periods of active growth and full leaf expansion."

If you apply a strong concentration of Round-Up and it covers enough of the cambium layer of the tree during its active growth, it will kill it. Personally, what I do is wait until fall when all of the sap is being sucked downward into the roots. I cover up all the hostas growing under the tree with a plastic drop cloth. Then I paint as much of the trunk as I can reach with Round-Up concentrate (Original, Super Concentrate, or Round-Up Ultimate,which is the strongest). You can paint the trunk with a thick coat a few times throughout the fall. Or I've had very good result simply by taking one or two old towels, soaking them in Round-Up concentrate, and wrapping them around the tree trunk. Then I take shrink wrap (such as Saran Wrap) and wrap overtop the towels to keep the Round-Up from drying out. Your tree will be as dead as a doornail next spring and then you can remove the old towels. That's how I do it. Don

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