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When to plant and how to prepare soil for fall bulb planting???

19 years ago

I know this question could go to the bulbs forum or the soil forum, however I was looking for more local experiences than they might provide.

I am finally ready (I think) to plant my first group of bulbs The shipment of 800! came in yesterday. It is a large bed - I couldn;t afford to get enough for the whole bed this year - so I wanted to start out with one area and then see how it goes from there. I think I have heavy clay soil. I am planning on putting down about 2 inches of topsoil, and then raking that in, and then putting down all the bulbs, and then topping with 5-6 inches of topsoil. All the books say that bulbs like sandy loam - I have no idea what that is or what to add to make it or if that is really necessary.

Any suggestions about soil, bed preperation, when to plant them - would be greatly appreciated!!!

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