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Another one bites the dust...what to do!

Well, we just had an ice storm last night and look what we woke up to:

This is one of my hosta beds! Half of my tree that shades it is a goner! Some of you may remember that I was planning to replace this tree over the next couple of years by planting a new one in it's place and slowly trimming back the old one (bradford pear that previous owner planted), then finally taking it down. Well, I just bought the replacement even, as you can see. A texas white redbud. I'm going to plant it right where you see it sitting.

What do I do, though, now that half my shade for my hostas is gone? This is in the very front of my house, so I can't very well erect a shelter or sunshade or anything like that. Can't grow anything that fast.

I will take a minute to say thank the Lord that it didn't do any damage whatsoever. Barely touching the gutter, missed the car and even my garden art! Nice work! I had just extended this bed for more hosta!

Looks like half of the tree is still there. If you look straight out my window, east is towards the blue van that is the farthest away. The half that is broken off is pointing north. The half that is still there may shade still somewhat from afternoon sun, which is good. I'm just not sure what to do further, though, if there is even anything that I can do! Any suggestions???? Help!

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