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My dying indoor herb garden

10 years ago

Alright, here is the deal. The wife came across a post on Pintrest for an indoor herb garden and asked that I make it for her. The garden consisted of a 1x10x8ft piece of wood. On it there were upwards of 15 mason jars. I questioned the idea because growing up (grew up on a farm) I was always told that plants will not grow if their roots are exposed to the sun. Needless to say I went ahead with it and a month later it was clear every single herb I planted was dying. So I went out and bought planters that fit in our rather large window seals, enough for 60-70 small herbs. The plants I felt may survive I went ahead and planted. This time around I went with a bit more of what I was taught; all planters had a drain pan, good drainage, soft soil, a little gravel and good spacing between. The wife and I then went out and bought a ton of new herbs (Lavender, Rosemary, Parsley, Oregano, Tyme, basil, and a few others I canâÂÂt remember) as well as a few pepper plants. She then decided to plant a nearly full planter of cilantro from seed
Well a month goes by with watering every other day and they all seem to be doing well, but â¦â¦. Then the basil started to get soft and slowly it died, followed by one of the peppers, then the lavender, then the Rosemary, and now I notice the oregano has turned brown and is brittle but the cilantro is doing great. I guess there is a big difference from growing corn to growing this stuff. At this stage IâÂÂm lost at what is going wrong. IâÂÂm not sure why the cilantro is growing like a weed while the rest of the stuff is dying.

Here are the planter details

6 planters in all, all in the kitchen
3 sit on the window seal to the East by SE
3 sit on the window seal to the NE
3 planters on the north side have 2x lavender on the outside edges, then Tyme, Oregano and parsley
2 planters on the SE side have 2x lavender on the outside edges, then Rosemary, something else, basil and then the peppers
the last one on the SE side mostly has cilantro and a bit of parsley
Noticed a small white insect on one of the plants and I used âÂÂNatria Insecticidal soapâ on all of them

What am I missing?

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