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Tom & Livvy's Indoor Platinum LED P150 Herb Garden

Tom Johnson
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hi All,

My five year old daughter Livvy and I decided to start are own indoor LED Herb garden, with the hopes of getting advice from other indoor growers, learning about the benefits of growing your own food and just having some fun! A friend of ours had given Livvy this indoor self watering hydroponic herb kit:

Unfortunately this kit sat in our pantry for about three months before Livvy finally asked me about it. We started with the Mint Herb Kit, followed the instructions closely, and placed it on Livvy's bedroom window sill and promptly forgot about it for another 2 months. Unfortunately, we don't get a lot of natural light, so while the seeds did sprout, mold decided to join the party and it looked rather sad.

My family always supported the grow-your-own movement , but weren't ever very successful at it. We love cooking as a family, but whenever we need simple herb ingredients such as parsley, basil, or cilantro we would buy a large bunch at the local grocery store, use a little and then let it go bad in our fridge. Too much waste!

We decided as a family that we wanted to get serious with the indoor herb garden, so that whenever we needed a delicious herb for one recipe or another having a ready supply would be great. It was time to go all in!

After reading numerous reviews, we got our hands on Platinum LED's P150 light and boy it is bright! Let our grow journey begin!

Day 1

Here is our sad mint plant. We added some of the supplied nutrients and swapped out the water. Seems to be doing much better!

Livvy and I with the help of the wife/mom prepping the basil and parsley for action.

While he P150 LED runs super cool, we read that these herbs thrive in temps between 65-70 degrees so on day 3 we added a fan to cool our indoor grow even more. Plus it helps promote stronger stems!

The instructions also stated that the seeds take 5-18 days to sprout and here is the basil on day 3. Must be doing something right!

Finally on day 5 we received ourUrban Farmer Programmable Weekly Timer in the mail. It was very easy to program and works perfectly so far.

So that is as far as Livvy and I have gotten so far. Any feedback, advice, or input is always appreciated. We'll check in next week with some updates. Happy growing!

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