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Most laughable non-green thing you've seen lately

15 years ago

Although this isn't exactly "lately," I think it takes the cake.

My parents came to town to visit. They stayed in a hotel, and decided they wanted to go to the restaurant across the street from the hotel for dinner.

Great, I think. If we want to jaywalk, we can be there in 3 minutes. Obeying the law and walking the quarter block to the corner light might make for a 3 minute delay in getting there, or 6 minutes total.

But no, my parents, both able bodied and quite capable of walking the half block, insisted that we had to get into their car and DRIVE across the street to the restaurant. So we had to walk across the parking lot to get to the car, drive the car to the exit, wait to turn right, drive 20 feet to the corner, wait to turn right again, immediately get into the left hand lane to turn, wait for traffic to clear, drive into the restaurant parking lot, park, get out of the car, and walk to the door of the restaurant.

Took over 20 minutes, plus gas, to get there.

I still don't understand how that was superior to walking?

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