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Help ordering witch hazel

18 years ago

I am just about finished landscaping my yard, and I suddenly realized I need witch hazel in one spot. I had planned on lilac, but the soil will be slightly acidic so I don't know if the lilac will thrive. So I think hamamelis/witch hazel will be a good substitute because of the leaf shape and color which will compliment what is nearby. I have only seen Hamamelis virginiana in the nurseries around here which I do not think is all that smelly, at least the couple I've been around. I haven't seen any of the smelly varieties like "Arnold's Promise" etc. locally. Could someone give me some advice on ordering them online? I have ordered from ForestFarm before and they have quite a few varieties listed, but don't have species names on a lot of them. I want something that doesn't get huge like a tree, maybe 8-10 feet tops. As it is I'm going to have to prune it to keep it in bounds. It's going next to some blueberries and a juniper.

What are the good smelling cultivars? Also, my zone is 6 but we can get zone 5 winter weather occasionally.

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