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snakes - did I just build them a home?

15 years ago


I had an erosion problem in my backyard, even though we are in the middle of a drought, so we decided to put in a dry creek bed using some rocks and tumbled stones. The rocks are not that large, and are only one layer deep. We have 2 two-foot retaining walls made with some large boulder type rocks, maybe 20 inches across, 5 rocks for each. They are pushing into the side of a small hill of dirt, whose top is covered with bermuda sod.

Does this sound like I've created a habitat for snakes or should I not worry? Can I fill in the cracks and crevices (there aren't many) with some spray insulation or something (that totally doesn't sound environmentally friendly, does it?).

Do snakes live in the dirt or just behind and under the rocks?

I've just moved here from the northeast (western mass) and I am loving living outdoors of the walls of my house now - I will cry if I've invited all of GA's poisonous snakes to my yard. You know?

ANY thoughts and comments and advice will be greatly appreciated!

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