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What Project are You Excited About this Year?

15 years ago

I feel like I have a lot of projects going this year already. My husband built a rock wall (in one weekend!) to house my new veggie garden. He got it done so fast, that I am scrambling to get stuff in there! I thought for sure he would not have it completed until time to put the warm weather crop in!

As many of you know, we lost our eldest son, Evan, to bacterial meningitis a couple of years ago. I decided shortly after losing him, that I wanted to have a special garden in his memory. I got busy planning, and planting, and had a nice little garden in time for the lovely 2007 drought. And it turns out, the spot that I chose with all my lovely Hydrangeas and Hostas gets a lot more sun in summer than when I planted in spring. Soooo...last fall I moved almost everything out of Evan's garden to more appropriate spots in the yard. I decided to try something different. I wanted it to be "just right." I got all frustrated trying to think of the perfect garden for my little boy. And then it came to me. A Zoo Garden. Perfect! So, I did some research, bought some plants, and replanted. not everything in Evan's Zoo Garden has an animal name, but here are some things that do:

Tiger lily, Panther lily (if Wayside ever sends it), White Swan Coneflower, Snakehead Frittalary, Bunny Tail Grass, Teddy Bear Sunflower, Evan Saul Coneflower, Evan Matthew Dahlia, Toad Lily, and Turtlehead.

I can barely can contain my excitement, but I have to wait for so many things to come up. In the meantime I have some beautiful Daffodils from esh in bloom.

What are you excited to start this year?

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