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Is my Fig a Brown Turkey or ? (part 1, the fruit)

14 years ago

NOTE: Cant figure out how to go back and forth to Photobucket to get both image of leaves and fruit, so I will do this with two postings.

I believe my fig is a Brown Turkey but if it is, I dont know which one since I've found references to Texas, California, English, and Vern's. If you are into fig identification or have a similiar tree, I'd appreciate any help you can give me.

Breba Crop: (see photo)

The early crop (from one year old wood) has always been generous and delicious. The fruit is medium to large, uneven brown with some green stripping. The eye seems somewhat open. The flesh is pink. The website for Ray's Figs shows some fig shapes from Condits old book. The "T" shape or "marabout" to me seems the most similiar.

Very few of the late crop (main crop in warmer climates) ripen enough to show color in this area (Near Portland), however those that do look quite different to the eary crop in that they are darker brown with very even color and no green. The shape is different too in that they have little or no stem, curve away from the branch, and often have a flattened end.

I will try to post part two of this message tommorrow with a photo of the leaves.

Thanks again


PS The fig on the left is whole, the other is cut in half to show the flesh. Sorry it's not clearer.

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