Worst hollyhocks and morning glories ever

10 years ago

This year is the worst I've ever had for these plants. The hollyhocks were fabulous last year and since they are biennials I realize not every year came be so, last year's seedings have to grow up. BUT - the disease is terrible on them this year. Normally this month I'd be pulling off yellowed and rusted leaves around the bottom and somewhat up the stocks, then all would be well til Fall. Not so this season.

I was talking to the vet's wife across the road who maintains beautiful perennial borders, and she said last year hers had the most ugliest disease or condition she'd ever seen. Not rust particularly, but something "horrible" -her words. She pulled her hollyhocks.

Morning glories - I've never had yellowed leaves, leaves with brown patches, and spots before. I'm baffled. The only thing different is that I bought transplants from a different nursery this year and didn't start them from seed like I sometimes do. Too much water? Not enough water? I have no idea, I've been offering both. The blooms are beautiful however, sparse so far, but beautiful.

Just venting. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing more problems than usual. Other than lack of rain in some of your gardens, I should be lucky we haven't had that problem yet.

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