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Brown Turkey Fig leaves brown and falling off

11 years ago

I bought a turkey fig like 2 months ago.Its about 3 feet tall..I live in South West Florida and we get a lot of rain usually in the afternoons around this time of year. I recently put mulch around the tree and left space around the trunk of the tree. My sprinkler system also goes on once a week but I have been leaving it off lately because of the rain. I thought maybe cause the sprinkler system was hitting the leaves that it was causing them to burn or something.. is it normal for the leaves to be turning brown and falling off..they are also curling up. I'm not sure if it's too much water, too less water, if it doesn't like the mulch or if it has a disease. The fruit does lacks some taste and seems watered down so maybe it's getting to much water..any help is appreciated.. it is planted in a place where it gets pretty much full sun.

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