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Stir-fried garden slugs on angel-hair pasta recipe

11 years ago


-Collect a half-pound to a pound of fresh garden slugs. There are plenty around this year and they can easily be collected after dark by picking the litte pussballs off plants while they feed. Alternatively, collect them during the day by following their shimmering slimy trails back to their daytime hiding spots.

-Boil a large pot of water and add enough angel-hair pasta to serve your guests, about 150 g dry pasta per person. Cook to al dente or desired consistency, drain. Add a bit of butter or olive oil to prevent sticking.

- Heat 1-2 Tb of canola oil in a wok over high heat. When almost smoking, add the fresh slugs, add salt to taste, and toss quickly over high heat. The salt will extract the creamy sliminess from the slugs, so there is no need to use cream or a roux to thicken the slug sauce. Wear nose-plugs or sniff concentrated ammonia before cooking this dish to help dull the stench of the cooked slugs.

-Once the slugs are cooked and have a taken on a grey, slimy creaminess, turn off the heat, season with a bit of pepper, and serve on individual plates over the pasta, enough for each guest. Keep a bit of slug sauce on reserve in the kitchen for diners eager for seconds.

NOTES: If the slugs haven't eaten everything in your garden already, you can add colour to this dish by adding any veggies that the slugs haven't eaten. Are marigolds and chrysanthemums veggies?

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