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I know, I know, don't prune

14 years ago

But what if you just can't stand looking at two huge brown thumbergias? Well, I did it - they are now reduced to three foot shoots and I feel so much better. Filled 5 barrels with dead leaves - I think I was just so glad to be able to be outside in the balmy 58 degrees!!

Everything else that is out in the open (not under my oak tree canopy) is brown - chenilles, alamanda, pink powder puff - even wedilia but lo and behold, the geraniums seem to love the cold. blooming away happily in containters.

However, they will join the other 50 or so containers in the garage tomorrow as it is supposed to get even colder.

Does anyone know what to do with all my succulents? They are in pots protected from the wind and under a tree cover and I've never brought them in. Would hate to lose them so I guess tomorrow (in the even balmier 60 degrees we're supposed to get) I'll move them in.

Just thought I'd vent a little and hope that all my cyber friends are surviving this horrible weather. I know we lose plants every winter and I'm getting used to it - it's just that I HATE BEING COLD!!! I left that all in Massachusetts, or so I thought.

Stay warm everyone.

Here's a pic of what it did look like and will again.

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