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Need Germination Advice - Berberis

17 years ago

So I got my Gardens North order today (yippee!) and need help with the Berberis species & hybrids mix (barberries). The label says this: "Sow and provide 2-3 months cold outdoors, in fridge or other cold spot (-4 to +4C), then warm for germination."

Well, I don't think I have 2-3 more months of cold outdoors, so I will be using the fridge (no problem, I have 2) but what then? If I am germinating them in June, they could conceivably take until July to sprout, and I'm guessing they don't grow all that fast so am I going to have to bring them in for their first winter? Or just plant them in the ground and hope they're big enough to survive? Or should I save the seeds and start them next winter? What d'ya think?

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