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Why is my ficus tree dying?

11 years ago


Perhaps someone with a better green thumb than I can give me some advice about saving my poor ficus tree. I bought it the beginning of last winter and was told not to repot it until spring so it is currently in it's plastic pot inside a larger clay pot. It is sitting in the brightest room in the house which isn't saying much in Ohio, but at a temp of 65-70 degrees. I water it faithfully once a week when the top is dry with about a cup if water and try to make sure there is a little moisture throughout the bottom layers of soil. It is probably three to four feet tall.any of the leaves are turning completely brown, curling at the edges and falling off. Some leaves get spots first and many of the branches appear to be dead. It's been a slow process over the past several months, but every week I find a good handful of fallen leaves on the carpet. How can I save it? I realize that direct sunlight in Cleveland is virtually impossible in the winter, but the greenhouse where I bought it insisted that a ficus could still survive. What do you think?

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