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Suggestions for dwarf conifers

10 years ago


With the bamboo next to our house finally removed (more or less; there are still small pieces growing in the hedge but couldn't remove those without destroying the hedge even more than it is now... But it should be almost dead there though.).

I'm looking for some dwarf conifers of following species:
- Cedrus deodara
- Pinus nigra
- Abies procera
- Abies koreana
Any suggestion on cultivars of those?
I already came accross P. nigra 'Pyramidalis' , P. nigra 'Green Tower' and A. procera 'Obrighofen'.

Is A. koreana a dwarf on itself or will it outgrow too soon?

Are there any C. deodara cultivars that resemble the forest species but only grow a lot slower?

Any other suggestions for cultivars and other conifer species are welcome of course too. :)
I mainly have the intention now to plant some dwarfs on central locations and fill in the remaining space later on with smaller cultivars.

This is a photo of the area I've reserved:
(10ft (3m) wide and 60ft (18m) long)

Many thanks!

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