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Kitchen Garden - Last Year / This Year

10 years ago

These are some photos of my Kitchen Garden in the old Lower Orchard, taken last year (2012), in late June when it was coming in to it's peak period of growth and production.

By July, when it should have really been pumping out dozens of tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini, the extreme high temperature (record breaking highs of over 105 all summer long) and the three year drought were doing a number on all the gardens, but especially this one. I had to transplant the herbs and most of the perennial flowers up into the Rose garden or into pots in a last ditch effort to try to save what I could.

So far this year, we are getting weekly rains and a lot of it. If this continues, I may have a really great garden this year with lots of vegetables and dried herbs in my Larder and a bounty of beautiful flowers. All the flowering plants and trees are looking "Fat" and healthy.

View taken from the Lower Orchard .

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