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Can I use last years compost in this year's batch?

13 years ago

Last year for about nine months I put every bit of kitchen scrap, shredded office paper, leaves, UCG, lint,etc in buckets hoping for compost. I have no idea what temp it was in the buckets, but I still have one that is wet and smelly, even after I have added more carbon and dried leaves.

Anyway, two weeks ago I bought a Brute garbage container (32gals at HD) and started over carefully this time.

I put kitchen veggie scraps, shredded paper, UCG, lint, brown paper. I am goint to collect some dried leaves from a university near my house.

What I need to know is this. Can I add that bucket of old compost to this new one, even though it is wet? It also has some good stuff in it. Problem is it is covered by a lid most of the time, bz leaving it open wd mean more water from rain (always at work)and interference from critters. I turn every other day (new batch) and once p/wk old batch. All containaers have holes punched in their sides. I live in a townhouse complex so everything I do is with HOA in mind.

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