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Update on my Thanksgiving Cacti

11 years ago

Hi to those that helped me with my TC last week.. unfortuanlly, the one w/no roots, nothing is helping, it is dying very quickly. I put it in perlite, damp, small jar, and it is getting worse every day.

Today I looked to see if I could get any good cuttings off of it, and I don't see any. I am going to keep it a while longer, just in case it decides to surprise me. But I have my doubts.

The other one that has roots, isn't doing all that great either, but holding it's own. I was going to wait for about a week or so before putting it in a smaller pot, give it some time to rest from the last repotting. (but not too long)

I have almost come to the conclusion that Holiday Cacti is something I am not good at,, but I will keep trying. Mainly because I love them, and second, it is becoming a personal challange~~ lol

Something has to kick in my head sooner or later~~ :)

Anyway, thanks for the advice, info and personal exp. Very much apprecieated.

Marjie~~ not wanting to give up~~ :)

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