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My collection of Thanksgiving cacti seem to be declining in vigor

17 years ago

and need some help with my questions, please:

  1. These plants are old and at the joints are becoming dried out in appearance and look like they will fall off the rest of the plant. Some of them will be discarded but perhaps, a portion of the longer cutting can be salvaged and rooted. Is this a good time to do this?

  2. These plants should be repotted also==now, would you recommend a certain potting mix which is superior. I do not know whether we can use mfr. names on this forum or not. If so, would you tell me which brand you feel is best.

3.What are your watering practices in the summer and which exposure is recommended. Mine are facing south adjacent to sliding glass doors. Do you feel that this could be too hot for them now. I hate to lose these plants as I mentioned they are old.

Thank you very much for your help.


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