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Killing my Thanksgiving Cactis

14 years ago

I need help!

I do not have a green bone in my body and I think I have almost killed this poor little Thanksgiving cactus. It is a strong possibility that I over watered it because I thought it was to dry when I saw the dirt pulling away from the plastic container. I need help, last year this poor cactus was full and beautiful and blooming. This summer I moved all my house plants outside to the patio and tried to keep them from being burnt alive by direct sun. In doing this I realized I needed to water more often. Then I noticed the cactus was very unhappy and NOW we are down to 2 stems. Granted one of them has started to make a "Y" so I think it is trying to fight its way back to life. I want to repot it, weÂve had this plant about 3-4 years now and itÂs still in the same plastic pot that it was in when we bought it from the Wal-Mart. IÂve been reading several of the posts on the website and it seems like I should wait to repot in the spring but in this dyer situation I feel like I should do something, something other than stop watering as often. Can anyone give me some advice to follow; IÂd like to have a beautiful plant again come this time next year.

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