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Summer/Fall daylily bed projects (photos)

12 years ago

I put in some new raised beds for my daylilies back in the late summer, early Fall but was saving the photos to share in the dead of winter when there wasn't much going on...and now seems the perfect time. I have to make raised beds for all my flowers because my land was once heavy forest that we cleared and is impossible to dig into without hitting roots and rocks (New Hampshire is called the Granite State for good reason!). Which means I have to buy loam by the truckload and I have to build the beds up. So I make use of all the rocks I have. Which means a LOT of back-breaking work since I dig the rocks up out of the ground and I need hundreds to make each raised bed. I do save money by using the native rocks and I also stay in shape this way! My yard is populated by numerous raised rock beds that I have put in over the past couple years. Everyone thinks my hubby does it all since he's a big, husky guy...but, nope! He just mows the grass. The flowers are all MINE and I do it all myself because I love it.


Rock pile after digging them all day & transporting via wheelbarrow....


Load of loam all ready & waiting

(other raised beds you see here are ones I built in early summer of this year)


Newly made raised bed...




daylilies planted out and Lily inspecting my work....


Lily bed all mulched and cozy...


My grandson, collecting autumn leaves....


and the other raised beds, newly planted....



This one was planted with daylilies in the front, and oriental lilies planted in the rear of the bed...


These are raised borders I put in 3 years ago and were flourishing this past summer....









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