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A Morning Walk Around after Rain

12 years ago

Abies balsamea Weeping Larry (gift from steg) - our annual plant exchange.


Picea pungens Three Deuces


Abies koreana Seedlings from Treehaven


Pinus strobus Seedlings from Treehaven


Abies nordmanniana Trautmann


Abies nordmanniana Trautmann


Pinus parviflora Tone


Picea glauca Blue Planet


Metasequoia glyptostroboides Silouette


Metasequoia glyptostroboides Silouette


Picea glauca Terry's Variegated - 1 of the original grafts.


Picea pungens Waldbrunn


Acer japonicum Ogurayama (doubled in size)


This years veggie garden - I fenced it yesterday.


Betula uber - rarest tree in my collection (:o)


Blueberries - at least 10 varieties of 25 soon to be 28 plants:


Squak! Squak! Squak! Geese fly thru:


Pinus parviflora Goldylocks - scion from Dan 2007


Pinus parviflora Tenysu-kazu


Pinus parviflora Tenusy-kazu


Two Cones - bonus.


Picea omorika Gotelli Weeping


Picea omorika Gotelli Weeping


Last, a Northern Hi-Lights deciduous azalea greets me upon returning to my house:


It's gonna be a good year!~unless Ken's chanting to the gods bears hurricanes & tornadoes south of Michigan.


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