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May I ask a personal ? please? Why do you like citrus pla

14 years ago

You know I've been wondering about this for a while now..

We are almost, if not part of a big citrus club, and yet many have different reasons why they grow them. Why we love them.

Many are here to take on all kinds of challenges to keep them going from the dead of winter, to the most warmest parts of the earth..Some indoors, some outdoors, some both, spending hundreds of dollars on artificial light to figuring the best sunny spot in the yard..Some even willing to break the rules on bans to get their hands on one..

Why do you grow them? Is it for just the fragrance, the blooms? For the the foliage? For the fruit? Or for everything?

Are they not a joy to grow, even if confronted with so many challanges to keep them happy?

I personally grow them for the fragrance!

The more blooms the better. In particular, the meyer lemon, oro blanco grapefruit, ponderosa lemon, and navel orange. Boy do they give off tons of blossoms!! The lemon meyer and ponderosa lemon a few times a year.

That is why I stick with heavy bloomers..I don't eat the fruit though...allergic:-(.

In fact if I don't have anyone to give the fruit to, I just pluck them off to encourage new growth...


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