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Help me with a lemon and orange tree

I want to plant 2 citrus trees (one orange and one lemon) that will be able to be maintained in tree-form and at about 15 feet tall. Hardiness, rapid growth rate, eating quality are hopeful considerations. Home is in central Tucson, AZ. Eastern exposure, but next to a 7 foot stucco wall. This will likey create somewhat of a warmer micro climate in the winter. Noticed a row of citrus near Beyond Bread on Campbell in Tucson that are of the physical look I would like. I dont know how to identify the species, but I would guess they were orange trees. I will attach a picture of the grouping. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I will be purchasing the largest container size I can find and would like to get this done during the next 6 weeks to take advantage of the planting season. Any sources for large citrus would also be appreciated.

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