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I hope I am doing this correctly, plant id's and a little help ne

11 years ago

Hey everyone! Newbie here determined to grow these babies up nice and pretty! I have tried to do my research on the plants I got, I purchased a mix lot online and they came packaged up nicely with minimal if any damage. I love them they are so beautiful! I also ordered a few lithops and got a few more in the pot upon further inspection, ya for free plants! I have determined what a few are and I don't think I have them potted together correctly because I have learned some are winter growers and some are summer growers. I guess I was so worried about them in the little pots I just planted them together the best I could. I potted them after reading the do's and don'ts from the forums and other websites with soil I think will be ok. In each pot (with drainage holes) I added about 1 1/2in of clean aquarium gravel then added soil that was about 25% gravel 25% perlite, about 10% sand and the rest is cactus soil and peat, covered in more gravel (white to help reflect the light), I haven't watered them yet I just did all this on Monday. I keep reading water a week or a month after repotting and the soil they came in was fairly damp so I am sure they are fine for now. I am not sure if the jade needs its own pot because I keep seeing other peoples growing them without any friends. I have no problem moving them around if they need to be, but I am guessing waiting would be best for that too, or not. I want to learn! I think I know what I have so far and would really, really appreciate help id'ing the others so I can make sure they can happily co-habitat by growing seasons.

Going clockwise from left�.

Red pot: 1. 2 Crassula ovata 2. An Echeveria (?) 3. A few Sedum, maybe Donkey Tail? (?)

Cream pot: 1. An Echeveria of some kind. (?) 2. Faucaria (Tiger's Jaw) 3. Another Echeveria (?)

Green pot: 1. Red plant might be a sedum (?) very pretty. 2. Another unknown Echeveria 3. Sempervivum arachnoideum, that one is easy! I have some of the non web kind in my yard. This one is just outside my zone tho.

They are all really far out of my zone but they will live by a nice sunny south window with supplemental lighting (12+ hrs) thru the winter and then out they go to get some fresh air come warmer days. I have one light for them now for my plant stand and will put them on a rotating schedule because they need it and so do I. Don't most gardeners have a touch of OCD? They will be as close as 2in to 10in away from the light at any given time and will be rotated, a lot, daily probably. I am hoping this will prevent any from stretching out and getting etiolated. Should I get 2 plant lights? I have limited space and have to use a lamp with a clamp and a CFL bulb made for plants with the full daylight spectrum. Comparing the pictures I see of other light set ups I believe they will be close enough to the light and they are still very small, maybe 2in max in height. They do receive a few hours of direct sun in the morning and ambient light the rest of the day. I hope this is enough but will get another light if I need. I would like to get a better set up but for aesthetics, kitty and spouse pleasing I am stuck with the corner by the south window and a stand that has been kitty proofed and pacified with cat grass. She really loves me now! I hope to keep them nice to as they grow so when DH sees all my work is paying off I can maybe get an upgrade to start some seeds for the garden for all those peppers he likes. :) Of course if that happens�. I will be a very happy bird, daydreaming of seeds all day!

Are my plants all messed up as they are planted? Can I wait till spring to replant or do I need to do some remedies asap? I feel awful even asking for plant ID's because trying to wade thru them all is hard and I see a post pop up weekly or more and wonder if you all are just over it.

Last but not least, my Lithops (I am in love with these, hence the name) are in a west window but the sink, no east window in the house at all, and the south window they will just get knocked over. I have thyme growing there really well and keep a cup of water always full for humidity. Some mornings there is even condensation on the window. Is this too much water and not enough sun? I only imagined it to be similar to their natural environment, warm days/cool nights/occasional fog. I can add them to the rest of the bunch if they need more light or even figure out a way to get them closer to the south window and keep them safe.

Any help is greatly and immensely appreciated!!! If you need better pictures please let me know! Thank you, Thank you!

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