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Boring, Oregon ---) Anything but boring! (Massive Bandwidth warni

Was recently lucky enough to tag along with Bob Fincham to a few great gardens/nurseries in Oregon and here are a few dozen pictures I loaded for your viewing pleasure.

I've listed 'best guess' names to as many pictures as I can, though the accuracy may be questionable on some due to my poor memory and lack of plant tags.


Cedrus atlantica 'Horstmann'


Pinus contorta 'Chief Joseph'


One or more specimens of weeping Sequoia


Abies koreana 'Silberlocke'


An enormous weeping pine


Picea omorika 'Pendula Bruns' - possibly another weeper


Some shots from a nursery... I was in shock for the first 30 minutes... so many beautiful plants in such close proximity...

Abies nord. 'Golden Spreader'


One of the smallest conifers I've seen... species maybe Thuja?


Picea orientalis... ?


A pine showing that classic 'natural bonsai' form.


Picea orientalis 'Skylands' with character...


I just love ALL of the bright cedrus...

Cedrus deodara 'Klondike' I believe. Eventually more upright.






Some GREAT Picea abies 'Gold Drift' specimens...



Picea abies 'Gold Drift' and 'The Blues' compliment eachother wonderfully. Imagine a 20-year old specimen??


Picea abies 'Gold Drift and 'Pusch'? Cool!



Pinus parviflora 'Ogon Janome'



Picea orientalis 'Nutans'


Picea eng. 'Lace' or 'Bush's Lace'




Cedrus atlantica 'Hedgehog' Cedrus deodara 'Gold Nugget'






Some more garden shots:





Cedrus deodara 'Divinely Blue'


One big Picea sitchensis 'Papoose'


Abies pinsapo 'Aurea'


Abies procera 'Sherwoodii' and Pinus contorta 'Chief Joseph'


Cedrus deodara 'Silver Mist'


Cedrus libani 'Nana'?




Hopefully many more visits - there are just so many gardens and nurseries in Oregon, so little time.


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