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Thuja green giant?

12 years ago

I'm in Alabama and don't have any experience planting trees. We live on 2 acres that's almost completely surrounded by cattle fence. I want something to line all around the fences, to keep us from seeing cows all the time. I really like the look of the thuja green giants, but I don't know much about them at all. I'm also not a gardner, so I don't know my soil type or anything like that- but I guess I can say we have really good dirt. It's always moist and dark borwn when we dig holes. Our whole yard has full sun and there's not alot of wind here. We get a pretty decent amount of rain.

I want something for privacy, but I don't want a hedge. I do want space in between the trees- I want them close, but not forming a solid wall. I'm really looking for height quick. There's a nursery nearby that sells them already about 8 ft high. I've heard it's better to plant them small, but would they survive if I plant them taller?

I really need to know if this is the tree for me, or should I be looking at something else. I want it to not only provide some privacy, but dress up my yard a little too. I don't want to have to prune or cut anything back. If I go with thujas, how far should I plant them from the fence? I don't want to have to move fences in my lifetime. I also need to know how far to space the trees apart to get the look I'm trying to achieve...when's the best time to plant, fetilizing info..

Thanks for any help or advice anyone can give me..


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