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Clematis wilt!!!!!!What to do? Why?

15 years ago

I am so so diappointed!

I bought dozens of clematis last year, and the year before just to have a beautiful vine grow upward with buds, then wilt and die.

It is especially happening to my huge flower ones, especially white.

I am so aggrivated.

I called the nursery where I bought them, and now they decide to tell me there is a problem with many of these plants, a common condition called "clematis wilt", and no explanation why this happens. ooohhh

So then they tell me I should of bought wilt proof ones that they also sell...Why don't they tell us unsuspecting consumers this, before we buy them and then have to dig them up and toss them to replace them again?

I am so so disappointed. I wait all winter and I get this..

Is there anything one can do about wilt, or should I replace them and just accept nothing can be done?

Please help me. What would you do?

Thanks so much..:-(

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