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My Clivia Update -- 1.5 years in

I'm sort of embarrassed to post this.

Back when I first saw clivias that you guys were growing, I was so enthralled that I bought one, too. Things seemed to go fine for awhile and then I was out of town a lot and sort of lost interest in my indoor plants. So, I gave things away but I kept the clivia -- but with almost everything else, I chucked it outside on the balcony to haphazardly water when I feel like it, rarely fertilize and then just hope for the best.

Towards the end, they were lucky if they got watered. Undoing the faucet to bring out the indoor hose to hook up and drag out to the balconies, and then put away was just becoming tiresome.

Fast forward 5 months or so, and I moved to a much hotter area inland, and with much more gardening space than a balcony -- I have been making a good attempt to bring everything back.

Including the clivia.


I somehow managed to STILL rot a few roots to a small extent even though it was in gritty mix and I totally ignored the plant. Arrghhh.

Over the span of neglect, two leaves yellowed up and died, so I pulled those as it happened. Two other leaves were a bit orange on the ends with a couple of miniscule holes in the orange areas -- don't know what that was so I cut those parts off -- just a couple of weeks ago. It had been outside in basically full sun for a few weeks while I settled in, so I repotted it into a 5-1-1 of sorts (maybe slightly wetter than a real 5-1-1) and brought it in at that point.

It's in the brightest spot in my house right in front of a terrifically bright east window and also facing the other end of my house that has three large west windows. Despite the injuries and amputations, she is starting to look quite happy, I think. I believe that the leaf coming up now is the twelfth.

The growth is a little split. Instead of coming up symetrically left and right, it's moving around a little. I don't know if it's something I did or if the plant just grows like that.

Anyway, here she is.

Ohiofem, I recall you telling me to keep the stem area where the roots come out flush with the top of the soil. I planted it and inadvertently, I can actually SEE the very top of the roots. I hope that's fine....they were climbing out of the last pot I had it in anyway so I figured it's not a big deal.

No flower yet. I'm lucky I still have the plant never mind a flower, but the middle of the plant is looking and feeling a bit funny. Usually, by the time the new leaf is around that height, I'm able to open up and see the tip of the next leaf. This time, it seems to have no interest in letting me see the middle, so I'm just letting it be.


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