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still new to citrus, first fruiting and leaf drop questions

17 years ago

A couple of the citrus trees we planted 2 seasons ago are now bearing fruit. The ruby red grapefruit, and the key lime.We planted them as 10 gal nursery stock, about 4 1/2 ft tall or so, and removed the fruit that was on them when we bought them as per the nursery's planting instructions. last summer they flowered, and the grapefruit tree now has about a dozen good sized fruits on it that look as if they'll be ripening soon. The tree grew some and put out flushes of new growth before flowering. Since the fruit have been forming, we haven't noticed any new growth, and the tree as of late has been droping quite a few leaves, and showing some yellowish tint to the foliage. The tree is actually becoming quite threadbare in places. Is this normal, and due to the stresses of the rapidly sizing fruit, and will it cease once we harvest the fruit. The tree recieves adequate moisture, it is near a sprinkler, which dosen't spray directly on the tree, but does moisten the soil to within a couple feet of the trunk. The top inch or so of soil dries out to the touch between waterings, and I have not fertilised since the tree stopped putting out new leaves in the fall. There are a few green buds starting to grow from some of the branches in the last week or two, so I guess that's a good sign. The lime has given us about a dozen fruits and lost a few leaves, but seems to be holding it's own and flushing with new growth right now. Is my grapefruit tree ok or am I doing something wrong?


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