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Identifying Trovita vs. Seedless Valencia

13 years ago

How do you tell the difference between Trovita and Seedless Valencia? Were there seedless (like Midknight) available for planting 20 years ago?

I have an orange tree in my backyard -- it was near death when I moved here and this year finally has a large fruit set. It set one fruit last year, which I thought was navel by ripening date and flavor, but navel end wasn't obvious -- so I assumed it was Valencia.

If Valencia, I assumed they would start ripening by March in my area, at the very soonest. However, they are full, softening, and were starting to drop two weeks ago -- Yesterday I pulled off 5 of the softer oranges and they were mildly tart, but sweet enough for me eat (i.e. not like my Wash Navel). They juiced just fine w/a small bit of sugar. NONE had seeds. Skin wasn't overly thin or thick (not thick like Wash, but not thin like clementine mand).

How can I differentiate between a Trovita and Valencia (seedless) or do I have a new sport on my hands ;-) : by fruit (shape, rind, seeds, cling past one season) or leaf (petiole, blossom, thorns, etc). Perhaps do only Valencias re-green?

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