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Help w/ 12ft orange trees planted from seeds

10 years ago

Hello guys. This is my first post, so bear with me. Anyways I have two 12-13ft orange trees I started from seeds about 15 years ago. They weren't producing any fruit at all until we decided to plant a dwarf 5 gallon (fruiting) orange tree right next to them. Within 2-3 years we noticed small oranges on 1 half of the tree, which spread to the other half the next year, and eventually to the other tree. Like I said, they are roughly 12-13 ft tall now and produce lots of oranges yearly. So I was wondering why the oranges are small, and contain so many seeds? They are definitely getting larger as the years go by, and average around 2-3 inches in diameter now. But, are they ever going to be seedless and/or get to a full mature size? I also should mention that I hardly ever cut the stem suckers. Did I mess up my trees by not cutting the suckers? By the way, if you can deal with the seeds, the oranges are absolutely delicious. And the largest orange we have had was this year, and was the size of a tennis ball! With the exception of failing to remove the stem suckers, I am very proud of these trees that I started when I was just 13 years old. They are now really healthy and beautiful trees. I would really appreciate any help or advice...Thank you community

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