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HELP: Lemon Plant Grown From Seed

Nick Lee
5 years ago

I hatched this baby from a baby lemon bought from Harris Teeter ( This lemon plant will be 2 years old on August 13th. Does it look healthy for a nearly 2 year old lemon plant? I’ve noticed something strange with the leaves where some leaves have a discoloration. Also, some leaves kind of taper off where they are connected to the stem. Is the discoloration and tapering normal? Finally, I want to prune this plant so that it will resemble and grow like a lemon tree. Right now, it looks more like a lemon bush, so how would I go about pruning the bush into a tree?

P.S. Do you know what kind of lemon this is? I know that plants grown from seed will not be the same as the parent, but they should be quite similar if I’m not mistaken.

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