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spring in maryland mid january

9 years ago

First post from the eastern shore of Maryland. The proud owner of 2 Meyers, 3 owari satsuma, 1 Lisbon lemon, 1 Persian lime, 1 Washington naval, 1 key lime, 1 clementine, 1 calamondin, and finally 3 pineapple plants , whew! I hope I am in the right forum ,because I would hate to type this over again! Been reading posts for awhile and joined in Oct. 2013. I have been collecting citrus trees for about 4 years and all are grown in containers, outside in spring ,back in come fall. I truly love growing them! All have new growth and a few are blooming, especially the naval orange. I hope to learn more from you guys and I hope I can share the things I learned the hard way with you as well. Citrus are a challenge for sure! Good luck to all, kev

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