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People in 9b/So Cal-- I have a few questions about your crassulas

10 years ago

(As well as a few other plants :) ). This summer we may be moving to a place with a really similar climate and soil type to Riverside County. I had a few practical questions about your Crassulas-- ovata and arborescens, as well as Graptopetalum paraguayense and Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi.

I have these and few other things I was thinking to take with me and set free outside in the ground. The climate is Mediterranean-- with about 14-19 inches of rain depending on if there is a drought or not. So no summer rains. Soil is alkaline silty clay (7.9) and sun is a similar latitude as you guys have. Freezes are rare but do occur, usually only lasting a few hours over night when they do happen. Jacarandas, bougainvillea, agave americanas, olives, figs, citrus, pomegranates, and jasmines all do well without supplemental watering or frost issues. Dates, euphorbias, and other frost-tender things don't seem to live in the area. So it must occasionally freeze enough to keep those from being grown.

I was curious as to how much you need to supplementally water these guys. Do they need quite a bit of water during the summer? Temps-wise they top out in the low 90s, with nights in the 60s during the height of summer. I was also wondering if you have freeze issues. I see they should be hardy to 25*F, but I am guessing that still means killing off the flowers and such for the winter bloomers?


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