Help! Agave Foxtail weakening.... NorCal 9b

4 months ago

I recently purchased two young Agave Foxtail plants, one is regular green (5G) and the other is "variegata" variety (7G). I live in Northern CA zone 9b and I see many big healthy Agave foxtails in the neighborhood. So I suppose this would be easy to grow.....

These two were planted about a month ago in mid December. The contractor used 50/50 top soil + succulent soil. The location is full sun with a very slight slope.

The first 2-3 weeks of their new life (last 2 wks of 2021) saw very heavy rain. Local friends must remember our very wet Christmas and New Year weeks. The past 2 weeks were sunny.

A couple days ago, I noticed both them turned yellow and the leaves drooping, very weak....

Are they just uncomfortable temporarily (maybe due to the rain or cold?)? or are they dying already? What should I do to make them get better?

Please help!!!

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