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It's been 1 week since they eclosed & weather is still terrible

13 years ago

Well, I still have the two gsts that eclosed last Monday, and since then two more have eclosed, 1 yesterday, 1 today. The weather here in Baton Rouge has been either too cold (in mid 30's to 40's), too rainy, or both for me to release them since they eclosed. It has even snowed (very little) once. I tried releasing the two that eclosed last Monday, on two seperate occasions this past week, wednesday and thursday i think. It was partly cloudy on both of these days, so there was some sun, but apparently the temp was still too low for them to take flight, because I released them around noon (lunch hour)on both of these days and both times i returned home from work and found them sitting in the same exact spot where they were landed hours earlier, on same flowers, neither had moved an inch. So both times, I decided to take them back inside since they had not flown off and it was almost dark outside. SInce thursday, the weather has been to terrible to even try to release them, so I am still keeping them indoors and feeding them sugar water or gatorade (if i can get them to drink the gatorade, lol, they don't seem to like it very much. I let them out one at a time everyday and let them fly around in my living room for a minute or so, because i am afraid they won't be able to fly well if they just continue to sit day after day, they hardly move, I am assuming this is because it is cold in the house due to fact that the heater mysteriously stopped working the day before it snowed (go figure) and won't be fixed until end of this week, so I am using small space heaters to help keep the house warm. I just feel sorry for them, and worry that they are running out of time to ever have the opportunity to experience freedom and life outdoors. I wondered if they mostly sit still because they are "depressed" or not happy because they are indoors. I hope they survive long enough to make it through this bad weather spell, it is supposed to be mostly sunny and in mid 70's on Wednesday, no rain in forecast, so I am going to keep hoping that the forecast will be correct and that I will be able release them early Wednesday morning. I hope being indoors in a reptarium for so many days has not affected their ability to fly and survive outdoors in the wild.

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